AUMA Actuators, Inc. celebrates 40 years of success美国欧玛成立40周年

屏幕快照 2016-07-10 下午8.44.15This year benchmarks the 40th anniversary of AUMA-USA’s manufacturing and

operations. In 1976, AUMA began manufacturing in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2004,

due to company growth, AUMA-USA relocated to Canonsburg, PA. Worldwide,

AUMA employs 2,300 staff members, including US locations in Canonsburg,

PA, Houston, TX and Tustin, CA. Industries served include oil & gas, petrochemical,

water, and power. While AUMA-USA is privately held, products and

services are supported globally with 24-hour service, 7 days a week;

regardless of actuator installation site. For after hour emergency parts and

service please call 412-224-1036 or

In addition to AUMA’s flagship SAEx multi-turn actuator, AUMA-USA is

introducing two new products into the marketplace: SQEx quarter-turn

actuators and FQM Fail Safe Units. The SQEx actuator includes 5 different

models with torque ratings from 40 ft. – lbs. to 1,770 ft. – lbs.

FQM Fail Safe Units make use of stored mechanical energy to open or close

valves in case of emergency and ensure that plants remains in safe condition.

Moreover, the FQM meets the requirements of safety related applications up to

SIL 2/SIL 3.

Both the SQEx and FQM follow AUMA’s unique modular design concept, with

ease of specification, calibration, operation and maintenance.

AUMA is grateful for our customer’s support over the past 40 years and looks

forward to continuing to be your leading manufacturer of electric actuators for

automating industrial valves.


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