IMICCI Launch of 100DPC Multi-trim

IMI CCI with the introduction of the 100DPC Multi-trim DRAG® production choke valve has raised the bar once again.​ 
Located at the wellhead, where the well-fluid is first extracted from the field, the production choke valve is arguably the most severe service application in the oil and gas industry. It is essential for providing safely controlled inlet pressures for downstream processes and must handle some of the most difficult fluids and conditions of the entire oil and gas process chain. The function of the production choke valve is to safely control both the flow rate and pressure of the well fluid as it enters the downstream processing equipment.​

With the 100DPC Multi-trim DRAG® production choke valve, IMI CCI have standardised a product range to maximise valve service life and minimise total valve life cycle costs by addressing the specific severe service concerns which apply to this arduous application. These concerns include:

  • Erosion, vibration and noise issues caused by high fluid velocity
  • Clogging caused by the presence of solids
  • Corrosion issues caused by acids and other chemicals
  • Provision for potentially catastrophic events


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